Friday, May 27, 2011

List Evolution - the latest

Alrighty - stemming from my On Spam: The case for a flexible force post, here is the list in its current evolution.  Let me know what you think:

HQ (355pts)
Tervigon (195pts) AG, TS, Cat
The Parasite of Mortex (160pts)

Elites (480pts)
3x Hive Guard (150pts)
3x Hive Guard (150pts)
3x Zoanthrope (180pts)

Troops (660pts)
20x Genestealer (385pts) TS, Broodlord with Scything talons
3x Ripper Swarm (30pts)
Termagant Brood (50pts)
Tervigon (195pts) AG, TS, Cat

Fast Attack (160pts)
20x Gargoyle (160pts) AG, TS

Heavy Support (345pts)
3x Biovore (135pts)
Trygon (210pts) AG

Flexible? Check.  Fast?  Check.  Brings its own cover?  Check.
Can target >3 enemy units with ranged fire per turn?  Check.
Can assault at least one enemy unit by turn 2? Check.
Can assault >3 enemy units by mid-game? Check.
Redundant synapse/SITW support, both forward and rear?  Check.
Redundant FNP?  Check.  Disruption?  Check.
Solid number of troop units?  Check.
Can deal with AV14?  Medium check =p

This list is built to have both durability and redundancy where needed, and allow the tactical flexibility to shift from being the gun line to the assaulter.  Debating painting a big target on the Trygon and naming him "Hal" though.  He's gonna soak fire like the Spanish fleet at the Battle of the Downs.  Some other options are maybe splitting the stealers to 2x9 (one with BL); maybe dropping the toxin; dropping the trygon for raveners, or dropping the rippers to make the trygon a prime (bit more shooty for the GKs); or swapping him for a carnifex with bioplasma and 4x brainleeches.

In other news, the day after I finally gave in and purchased a license for Army Builder so I can get a bit more serious with my list experimentation, I finally found a site hosting data repositories for Battlescribe: the fine folks over at Warmonger here.  Both are excellent.


  1. Why Rippers? I know the Parasite will spawn more but what value to the three in the list bring?

  2. They are a cheap screen - 9 wounds, stealth USR, and I can give pretty resilient cover to any of my four shooty units. I debated dropping those and a couple stealers and boosting my 10-gants into devilgants. Lots of options to consider with 30 points =)