Friday, December 23, 2011

Writing Tyranid POV

With so much excellent fluff out there for the grimdark of 40k, I still keep hoping for a good meaty tale from the Tyranid point of view.  The Eldar-centric Path series is a great example and as a long-time Eldar player, I've truly enjoyed it.  Turning to my latest love affair - Tyranids - the general consensus is that 'nids are too mindless, or simply not individual enough to develop a decent point of view from which to write.  This doesn't mix with the fluff though - there are several potential plotlines out there that I think could be developed relatively easily.  The brood brothers, covens, genestealer infestations all have a human side with great potential political and violent interplay driven by alpha-male predator interactions.  Taking a different tack though, writing from the perspective of a full-out invasion horde would be tough.  I still think it would be possible; below is my take on an opening.  A Ymgarl brood, bent on returning to the Hive Mind after being abandoned by a tendril of a Hive Fleet's assault:


Here come the vibrations again, pulsing, rumbling then staccato… time passes… and quiet.  I hear a buzzing and … footsteps.  Have they discovered us?  We detect no mind-noise, and we would have felt the Mother-of-All long before our family was close.  This may be much-needed prey.  It has been… long since last we fed, since last we were abandoned.  We will find the Mother again.  I subtly awaken the closest, dormancy shed like a husk.   Close enough to see, to hear their minds… listening for the heavy tramp of the flamebringers.  No, these are light steps.  Moving slowly like a new hatchling whose carapace has yet to harden.  These have no carapace, no smell of poison.  They carry long firespitters, but they rode in a metal beast that can take us away from here, if we are worthy.  We must find the Mother.  We will be careful; I awaken the brood.  Dormancy slides from us like the birthing pool’s slime, slow and distasteful.  It has been a long sleep.

+++++Vessel: Verdant Shores +++++
+++++Registry: Hades Subsector, Morwell+++++
++++Owner: Rogue Trader Fleet Apropos Ninth +++++
++++++ M41011.32a +++++++
++-++Comms Log ++-+++++
++++…++ +  Drexler, Scout Lead:  ..Confirm – this moon is as dead as the one by ++++!..  Just ashes, rock, and more rock.  We’re buttoning up and headed back to the Shores.  See you in a..  what was that?