Monday, December 21, 2015

Aimless Meanderings

Hi all.  I'm rather flattered that despite my lack of activity it appears there are still people finding this blog, more than I would expect after so long a hiatus.  Welcome one and all.  I have no real new answers here, just the aimless meanderings of a wanderer through several games and game systems that really just orbit around my hobby center - 40k.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Love and Tyranids

Love is an action - it's a verb - it's what you do.  Not some fickle feeling that flickers in a thousand shades and is replaced each and every moment with a new one.  It's not the nervousness, the infatuation, the giddiness, or the goose bumps, or even the total oneness of complete non-judgmental acceptance.  What in the world does this have to do with 40k?  Or Tyranids?

Well, last Friday a friend of mine got married.  Not just anyone, but someone whose love for 40k and all it's supposed to represent changed the community narrative surrounding the game, and brought together warring gamer factions that had previously never really had a common ground.  The NOVA Open brought together the 'hardcore gamer' and the 'hardcore painter'.  An outsider would say this was more through force of will than anything else, but I know better.  It was done out of love.  Love of friendship, camaraderie, and the spirit of the game.  It hasn't been easy, and at times it hasn't even been that fun.  Hard choices, hard words, hard decisions, sacrifice and stubbornness have all had their time.  But the purpose of bringing people together where they can enjoy each others' company, enjoy the game, and drink deeply of the rich creative culture of this amazing hobby has remained the rock-solid foundation.  Altogether - every action, every argument, every sacrifice of time - has been about love.  From a backyard barbecue to the Crystal City Hyatt, love has achieved a pretty amazing thing - and the best part is it's really just getting started.  I have to say, I'm pretty intrigued to see where this marriage goes.  I've seen firsthand what happens when Mike loves something.  So for Mike and Britney - congratulations.  Getting this far is an achievement, but it's really just getting started.

Tyranids is a bit harder to wrap (or is it warp?) in the love angle.  Not sure what it is about slavering gribblies and razor sharp claws by the dozens and hundreds.  Maybe it's a subtle form of mind control and I'm secretly beaconing out to the hive fleet.  Whatever it is, I'll be bringing my nids to NOVA again.  Trying to understand how the hell to build a list given the drunken Jenga game that GW has constructed is less than fun.  After a few days with Battlescribe I ponied up for the Pro version (worthwhile cause right there).  I'm not bringing a lictorshame or flyrant-filled list - I just don't have the models or time to start over.  I have some plans to be mobile, flexible, and unfortunately squishy.  I may even try out pyrovores, just because no one will expect them.  But it'll be fun.  Cuz I love my 'nids.  And the game.  And I'm thirsty for that rich, creative culture.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Goal Set: NOVA Open 2015

After a long hiatus of accomplishing nothing except adding to my unpainted plastic and metal collection it was time to move forward.  Still busy as ever working to help troubled marriages, and that's still the priority, but I do need some me time too for sanity.  Over this past year my me time consisted entirely of wasting time watching nothing worthwhile on TV and pining over my unpainted stash.  I barely even read anything worthwhile.  All in all, for the most part a wasted hobby year.  My bright spot was getting away for a single day on a NOVA Open terrain build.  Looking forward to more this year.

So - big step forward is of course, signing up for the NOVA Open 2015.  I had a great time in 2013's narrative playing my nids as the Virtue.  Naturally, I went for the big kahuna:  the Narrative Warlord track for the Virtue.  This is somewhere between a narrative campaign and an ETC-style team-based matchup with 10 games over four days.  Now to figure out what to bring and get painting!