Saturday, October 16, 2010

Compiling a Tyranid Library, part 1 - Unit and FOC reviews, list themes

I haven't really liked any of the accumulated tyranid knowledge I've seen on various forums as entries are often outdated (pre- vs post-FAQ), so I decided to compile my own. Keeping this list has been very helpful for me, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

Obviously- all credit should go to the original authors.

++Research Archive part 1 follows++

...Units and FOC reviews

...Army list themes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ambush Tyranids?

Informed by Stelek's discussion here on what ambush formations are and how to conceptualize them:

Essentially the idea for an ambush force narrows down to three "classes" of units; assault, support, and security.
1) Assault. These are units going forward to destroy, delay, and distract the opponent. They do not have to be assault units for hells sake.

2) Support. These are units sitting back and providing heavy fire into the kill zone.

3) Security. Normally these provide early warning, but in 40k that can really only be infiltrators and scouts, or for lack of that, bubblewrap units. Outside of that role, Security teams are there to fight off counter-attacks and kill or delay enemy reinforcements. You've all seen the Dirty Dozen, right? Great! That's what these 3 elements are exactly.

The list I posted in the first thread was pretty sickly overpointed, but the core idea was there. Here's my attempt at tweaking that idea into a Tyranid ambush list.

@1997 pts,

tervigon, cluster: 160

elites: 300
hg x2
hg x2
hg x2

stealer brood+broodlord, poison, implant ~x8: 197
stealer brood+broodlord, poison, implant ~x8: 197
stealer brood+broodlord, poison, implant ~x8: 197
stealer brood, poison, ~x8: 151

gargoyle brood w/poison, ag x25: 200
shrike brood, rending, deathspitters, toxin x6: 300

Tfex: rupture, cluster, regen: 295

The Tfex and HGs are the support line; the tervigon is security for the support; gargoyles are security for the assaulters; shrikes and 'stealers are assault. Pretty sure I'm reading the rules correctly that spawned gants are counted as Troops.

Could probably drop a broodlord to bring in a 3rd HG for one of the Elite broods - or pick up some options for the tervigon...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

No Salvation

So maybe painting 2000 points of Tyranids between the 18th and next weekend was a little optimistic... but even if it weren't, life intervened and I won't be able to break away for Battle for Salvation and most likely not for Warstore Weekend.

I have been able to do a little bit though, mostly building and basecoating (white). So far, the forces of gribbly doom that are ready for painting include a Mawloc, a Tervigon, 21 'stealers, 5 ripper stands, 3 ho-gaunts, and 24 termagants. Not sure its worth posting pics of the snowflake brigade..

Why base white instead of black? I'll be using heavy acrylics for speed and vibrancy. I learned the technique on how to use the acrylics from a guy in San Antonio who routinely painted horde armies of 100+ models in under a month; thinking it should work great here. They also doesn't seem to be as darkened by dipping as the regular GW paints, but I'll definitely need to matte seal if I decide to dip.

The idea is to field an army that looks good and will stand out against most battle terrain. Learned the hard way that if you paint these little suckers too dark or with too much of a camo type pattern - they hit the carpet and they're gone. Until the empress of the house manages to find it in the middle of the night after flipping on the light... looks like the biggest spider ever in the middle of the floor - panic and screams ensue: