Saturday, September 18, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Warstore Weekend or Battle for Salvation?

Either way I would have to assemble and paint a tournament-worthy nid force in time...

Working on the list on dakka and 40k Online and EoW

Should be interesting to see if and how the ideas differ. Wish I had a couple venomthropes though =)

swarmlord - 280
2x tyrant guard + lash whip: 130
410 total

3x hive guard brood: 150
3x zoanthrope brood + spod + tlds: 230

tervigon, adrenal, toxin, catalyst: 195
20 termagant w/dev: 200

tervigon, adrenal, toxin, catalyst: 195
10 termagant: 50

20 hormagaunts w/toxin: 160

mawloc: 170
trygon prime: 240

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