Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A protip for converting Genestealers to optimize their cover save.

One of the better satirical treatments of the competitive gamer mindset.

A little bothered today though - was reading (yet another) army list help thread and one of the more prolific posters noted that having two or more tervigons in your list was "really cheesy and not very friendly."

Frankly there aren't many lists I see lately that don't include a minimum of one tgon, and often three. The battle lines are drawn between someone who wants to be able to play with anyone, and those who want to play competitively as if they are mutually exclusive.

This brings me to another topic. Sideboarding in army lists. One of the principal metagame levelers from MtG is the sideboard. Why not do something similar here? I'd love to see if and how a tournament's metagame would change as the paper/scissors/rock element becomes more of a factor. More importantly for the competitive vs fluffy mindset, one could simply swap out that cheesy tervigon for something less intimidating, like another hive tyrant.

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