Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Online Tyranid Painter

One of the coolest webpages in the 40k webverse. Played around and finally settled on my color scheme. Debating calling it Hive Fleet Yuengling, which has two meanings; one is a nod to the saga regarding the origins of the Norse gods - the other is of course, Yuengling beer.

Fluff is this is a hive fleet that started out as a test-tube genesplicing experimentation program by an Ordo Xenos inquisitor named Antrim Erdogan, a Thorian casophilian. Calling it "Project Yuengling", Erdogan's intent was to create a brood to see if he could track its contact back to the Hive Mind. After killing Erdogan, the nascent brood took only a few weeks to harvest the world they were on and begin looking for new prey.

Working on how to do Inquisition locator/ID tags or maybe tattoos...

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