Monday, September 13, 2010

Long weekend

We just finished presenting a Retrouvaille weekend - always rewarding, but tough. My long hiatus had everything to do with putting marriage and family first. This was working to keep the balance, and maybe to give back to others. Not that I expect this blog even has readers yet, but if your marriage can ever be described using the word "misery" then you might do well to visit the link above. The program saved our marriage after everything else we had tried failed.

On to the gaming part!

The awaited blue box of goodness arrived; as advertised, quickly, and no damage. Very impressed with how quickly it was sent too. At any rate - here's the pics of the goods:
Old One-Eye and two Carnifexes - destined to become Tervigons perhaps... really dislike these models. The heads are just plain ugly. Seeing if I can't work on getting some 'fex or warrior heads to swap them with. Haven't really planned out how to make them look brood-worthy either.
Tyrant and gaunts - four scything talons.. oy vey. Destined for cannibalization. At least the 'gaunts are cool - even one with a warrior head.
Old metal gargoyles and termies - some badly broken posts that will require drilling and replacing with wire at the very least. Might find other uses for a couple of the wings..
Three OOP metal raveners and a Red Terror - since they are already wielding barbed stranglers, thinking at least a couple of these guys will make very fine Harpies. Just need to find wings. Really dig the Red Terror model; pity he isn't in the current codex. Will be fun to paint anyway.
Six ripper stands - I like the idea of 5 attacks with 4+ poisoned to wounds, even with WS2. 6 stands is 30 attacks... and nothing says 'fodder' like a swarm.
Stealers and 3 Zoanthropes - glad I got the Zs. Been playing around with army lists and realizing I really should get a couple. Which of course means I'll have to find something to use for a spod.
Another pic of one of the raveners - just to examine for how to add wings and convert the strangler into a TL HVC...

Also got a copy of the old 'nid Codex - which had a pic on the inside front cover (top) of a blue body/red carapace army that looked sort of like what I think I'm going to go for: the dark blue and red/orange. Much happier after seeing that pic in the codex.

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