Saturday, June 2, 2012

It was quiet... too quiet

My pastime of surfing around and culling tyranid information from the intarwebz has run into sparse pickings lately - anticipation of 6th edition seems to have sucked the life from a lot of us.  Like we're waiting for the other shoe to fall.  A part of me wonders if we're seeing the beginning of the end for GW.  A loopy price hike that cuts a big chunk of their market off at the knees - coupled with a new release slated to increase the number of models on the table: making the price increase hurt that much more.  GW's fate is hanging on a solid 6th edition release.  There are quite simply too many burgeoning competitors; there is a renaissance in the miniature gaming world by any yardstick.  I encourage you to check out:
Each of which report on new models, new systems, and new terrain on a pretty much daily basis.  You'll see the same renaissance that I do.  There are at least a dozen companies making excellent 28mm terrain.  Dozens of companies offering a range of up to boutique quality miniatures that equal and in many cases surpass GW's.  A deeper look uncovers multiple versions of 40k being built by fans and players that want a streamlined, tactically flexible, and fun experience - and they want to do so in a tournament environment.  The tournament 'scene' is large and growing.  Adepticon, NOVA, the new Indy Open, etc..  - and GW basically turns its back and chooses to no longer support tournaments?  6th edition can't fail, or GW goes down with it.  With that - I have high hopes.  GW hasn't truly failed yet.  Nothing has been perfect: but rather each new edition has been like pizza: even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

Aside from being all doom and gloom - I've been quietly collecting a model or two here and there, begun work on the Jefferson Memorial for the NOVA Narrative Campaign, and playing Tribes:Ascend every chance I get. Looking forward to seeing many of you at NOVA again this year!