Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BoLS: 40k tactics - Seraphim

Great article!

Sisters and Arbites, a natural fit

Been jonesing to put together an army with SoB and Arbites since both model sets first came out. A while back I purchased a bunch of SoB models from a guy who decided he wasn't going to ever paint them (after basing them in lavender...) The models are in various states of painting; painted, half-painted, drybrushed (= based + drybrushed to pick out detail for initial layering), based, or nekkid. My main goal is to paint a coherent force I can display; as I hardly ever play, but just in case I'd still like something playable that fits w/in the theme of a SoB + Arbites force, maybe with an Inquisitor warband.

What I've got so far:
Celestine (nekkid)
Canoness (nekkid)
3x sister superiors (based)
14 battle sisters with bolters (painted)
1 sister w/heavy bolter (half-painted)
2 sisters w/heavy flamers (based)
3 sisters w/flamers (based)
1 sister with a meltagun (in dry-brush)
4 seraphim (1 w/hand flamers) (based/dry brushed)
1 seraphim superior (w/a chain axe... /sigh - I didn't do the swap and don't really like it; painted)
2 rhinos with parts for exorcist (scratch built) or immolators (either 2x hvy flamer or 1 hvy flamer + 1 multimelta) (based - in lavender...)
3 exorcists - 2 organ types, 1 FW (based in black)

On the Arbites side I have:
1 Arbites Captain (guy with the eagle on his hat - based)
2 Arbites w/shotguns (1 painted, 1 drybrushed)
2 Arbites with bolters (based)
1 Arbite w/grenade launcher (based)

Also have the "Solomon Kane" WH Inquis Lord set:
1 Witch Hunter Inquisitor (half-painted)
1 Crusader (nekkid)
1 Sister Hospitaler
1 Lexmechanic
1 Acolyte
1 Penitent
1 Cherubim

Also have:
1 Techpriest Enginseer
the White Dwarf subscription miniature with the servo arm

I'd like to get a couple of the Necromunda Enforcers Patrol Team sets to fill out my Arbites, but can never get a solid answer on what the box contains. Is it variable?? I prefer the old minis to the newer ones ( Debating on getting a box of stormtroopers and snipping off the power cables and muzzles of their hotshots for shotguns, and just try to paint them as Arbites.

I have quite a few bits and other parts to go some different directions, but that sorta defeats the purpose. I also have the OOP two first Inquisitor Lords in Terminator armor, pretty sure I have a Vindicare somewhere too.

Any recommendations on what I would need to put together a respectable force based on the nucleus above?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why blog about games if I rarely play?

Games and gaming have been a cancer I can't beat. Real life intrudes endlessly and I rarely have time to play, but a pretty fair portion of my spare cycles are spent dreaming of games I could be playing. I certainly spend enough money buying figures that for the most part go unpainted and books that get read endlessly. Those spare cycles become army lists that won't get played, creating worlds that won't get played in. The gaming cancer continues to gnaw away, and maybe this is a way to share some of those ideas or thoughts, so they don't simply go to waste in some dank corner of my mid-life.

I think there are others out there who live vicariously one White Dwarf to the next, who always go through the toy department no matter the store, and never forget how cool it was the first time we saw Star Wars in the theater. This blog is dedicated to the quietly outrageous. So come along - there are worlds to be discovered, places to go, links to visit, and most importantly, laughs and adventure to be found.