Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why blog about games if I rarely play?

Games and gaming have been a cancer I can't beat. Real life intrudes endlessly and I rarely have time to play, but a pretty fair portion of my spare cycles are spent dreaming of games I could be playing. I certainly spend enough money buying figures that for the most part go unpainted and books that get read endlessly. Those spare cycles become army lists that won't get played, creating worlds that won't get played in. The gaming cancer continues to gnaw away, and maybe this is a way to share some of those ideas or thoughts, so they don't simply go to waste in some dank corner of my mid-life.

I think there are others out there who live vicariously one White Dwarf to the next, who always go through the toy department no matter the store, and never forget how cool it was the first time we saw Star Wars in the theater. This blog is dedicated to the quietly outrageous. So come along - there are worlds to be discovered, places to go, links to visit, and most importantly, laughs and adventure to be found.

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