Friday, May 20, 2011

What? No updates! Oh.. Very well, move along!

What in the wide, wide, world of sports is goin' on here?  Heh.  One of the best movies of all time right there.  Wow, now that I check the date, it really has been a while, and the clock is definitely ticking away towards the NOVA Open, which by the way, has a spiffy new website.  Please feel free to harass MVB about the teeny tiny font up top for the pulldowns ;)

I know we sometimes joke about having "gaming widows" but deep down I think most of us know there is some seriousness behind that joke.  I'm living proof.  I've spoken before about balance and priorities in life, and how important it is to keep them straight; that's been an issue for me in the past.  We spend a lot of time in fantasy land, playing and painting our little toy men, and playing a game that charitably takes a couple hours from setup to play to takedown.  Somewhere we manage to crowbar in countless hours of blog reading, list building, and general game-related shenanigans.  It can all get to be too much if we aren't careful.  So I'm posting about this on the off chance there are any of you out there that can apply the word "misery" to your marriage.  This is what worked for us.

The way out was a program called Retrouvaille; the first lady and I wouldn't have our marriage if it weren't for this program and our continued involvement since 2006.  A good bit of my time this month has been spent preparing for one of these weekends as we are now presenters for the program, with a regional weekend gathering coming up in the next few weeks as well.  Before you get too spooked about the religious aspect, the best article I've found on it is here.  We aren't perfect - we certainly have our issues, and my time spent on this gaming hobby still comes up as one of them.  But our marriage is solid - rather like Narsil, it's been reforged into something better and stronger than it was before.  Hopefully this reaches someone who needed it.

So that's why the lack of updates this month.  Hive fleet snowbank continues to grow; I've managed to put together my Swarmlord using boneswords from ebay listed here.  Good quality resin, minimal flash; but that's about all the progress I've made, though I have been going absolutely bonkers reading about hyv3mynd's ATC lists and preparation over on Synaps3. I absolutely love the list he's taking, a mean tyrant-centered bit of nastiness with dual stealer swarms, the obligatory tervigons, and a tfex to round it out.  I really like the Parasite list too though, but then I'm partial to Mr. Mortrex for some reason.  Best of luck this weekend to those attending the 40K American Team Championship tournament.  I'll be back soon with some in-depth work as I start crash development and prep for NOVA.  Thanks for reading.

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