Monday, January 24, 2011

Shooty tyranid is shooty

Kudos on the big shooty 'nid go to Bloodtyrant over at miniwargaming.  At any rate - scooped again by Stelek here with one concept for a shooty nid list, but the idea has been on my mind after reading several batreps over the past few weeks with devilgaunts and dakkafex/tyrants putting the mow down on MEQ.

However, the more I look at the metagame theme of Mech+MSU seen across the major lists archetypes, the more I wonder if going a bit more shooty isn't a concept that bears further exploration.  Although tyranids are supposed to be a premier melee codex, they do have some interesting shooty capabilities.  Above all, tyranids are about synergy.  Reading the top players' batreps at different GTs and tournaments I'm amazed at the deep thought to synergy given - and how rarely I see it referenced in most batreps in anything but the most simple terms for Tyranids.  The tactical options available are incredible, and I think bear further exploration.

First we'll examine the Tervigon's underused Onslaught power, which allows a unit to both run and shoot in the same phase; and then charge if it has fleet (hellooo Trygons).  Although many tyranid ranged options are shorter ranged, Onslaught can be a rude surprise, and a nice tactical advantage.  A 30" potential range on zoanthropes and hive guard?  How would that change the game on turn 1?

Next up is the much maligned Biovore - which alternately is reviled and worshipped; discounted by most serious players but venerated on many different boards.  What the Biovore does well though is cause concern for a significant swathe of the metagame: IG, Dark and Light meat Eldar, Orks, Tau, and mirror.  Miss?  No problem, there's a movement inhibitor left behind.  The bottom line is Biovores appear to be a very viable tournament option that gets routinely ignored.  Who playtests or plays with these routinely?  Admittedly, not the best option vs. MEQ, but that isn't a reason to discount it entirely.

I think a very solid and competitive shooty list is out there that builds on Tervigons with Onslaught to buff some devilgaunts, a dakkafex star (2?), zoans, HG, and actually includes a full biovore brood.  Too much to ask for?  Too much theorycraft at play here?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I play a fairly shooty Nid list. However looking at Stelek offering I think "Hello Paper Tiger, my name is Scissor Lizard".

    If you are going to fill a pod with Gaunts you need twenty Devilgaunts so they can actually kill something when they land. Give the pod a Deathspitter so it has a chance to take out rear armour and you are good to go.

  2. I think a shooty bug list is doable, but it has to be supplemented by some sort of assault component.

    And great find on that Tyrannofex. That thing is stupendous!