Thursday, August 12, 2010

NOVA Open tomorrow

I'll be one of the staff helping out at NOVA Open tomorrow and through the weekend - it will be my first close-up view of a competitive WFB/40K tournament and I'm pretty stoked. If the blogosphere is any judge, NOVA is shaping up to be something pretty special. Players from something like 30 states, and at least 3 countries will be flying in. With Games Day next weekend, that really says a lot about the efforts and thought Mike and company have put into coming up with the format.

I'll be on the pre-registration table on Friday for a while, and then on registration on Saturday morning. Most of the rest of the time I'll be manning a repair station for figs that get broken during play or transit.

I've been a GW player and hobbyist for about twenty years, having started back in 1990 or '91, and have never been to a major tournament or Games Day. To say I'm looking forward to these next two weekends would be a gross understatement. Really hoping the negativity I've seen referenced in blogs and forums doesn't show up at either event.

Before I forget, here's a pic of my WIP Wave Serpent: Eldar_Wave_Serpent_in_progress

It's been a WIP since 2004 or so; I took the time this week to go through and consolidate all my Eldar figures into a few cases - hopefully the organization will help motivate me to finally get out of my fugue and start painting frequently again.

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