Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blast from the past

I wrote this in 1998 or so...

Dark Eldar Army List - Khornate

A brief, sad history...
This army list is based on Teshara, a typical Eldar craftworld whose central god once was Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God. Teshara had always been more militant than most. As the depravity of the Eldar heightened, so too did the battle fury of Teshara. Eventually, battle fury became something darker. Warriors painted blood on their armor before battle and took captives for this express purpose, knowing they would battle again soon. As the rituals of battle became bloodier, even the warlocks and farseers began to become involved. Slowly they began to lose contact with the infinity circuit of Teshara.

With Slaanesh dreaming, yet to be born, mighty Khorne himself was drawn to the destructive depravity of the craftworld. It was a simple matter to subvert some of the most bloodthirsty Tesharans. The Aspects were the first to succumb to the plasmic lure; many of the already battle-hardened Guardians were not resistant to his call. Even the farseers and warlocks, only barely in contact with the agonized infinity circuit began to turn. A pity, Khorne does not tolerate sorcery. They were hounded down and murdered. Battle raged in the craftworld as those unwilling to give up their souls were hunted down. Many of the noncombatant eldar were slain in the bloodbath that followed. Until only the mighty Wraithguard and their big brothers, the Dreadnoughts remained. Their souls were the last to go, Spirit Stones shattered to feed the hungry god. The final blow was struck as the infinity circuit of the craftworld was broken, its souls sacrificed to the Blood God.

So simply was born Tresha, known alternately as the Brass Craftworld. Khorne's influence shielded them from the birth of Slaanesh, but his bloody shadow was little better. Its wraithbone tenders slaughtered, the infinity circuit broken, Tresha became cut off from the webways. As the wraithbone deteriorated, the Treshans replaced it with brass and the bones of their dead and those unlucky enough to cross their path. Now little more than a hulk floating through space, Tresha makes its way towards the Eye of Chaos and eternal battle with the Slaaneshi-corrupted eldar of the Crone Worlds. Its ties with reality tenuous at best, Tresha flickers in and out of the warp, emerging sometimes closer to the Eye, sometimes further away, but always leaving a swath of destruction and piles of skulls in their wake.

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