Monday, January 6, 2014

Khurasan Miniatures 28mm Caiman Unboxing

I've wanted the APC from Aliens as a miniature for oh... since I first saw it when the movie came out.  Although Khurasan's 28mm Caiman (also available in 15mm) is necessarily not a replica, it makes a fine replacement and more than stands on its own.  I'd first seen the Caiman when they were released back in 2012, but they are nearly always sold out.  They became available again just about Black Friday time this year and I ordered two, for my long-brewing Inquisition/Sisters/Arbites/Grey Knights collection.  Here's a close look at my unboxing.  Excellent sculpt, well-cast with only a few, normal issues commonly found with bigger resin casts.
Well wrapped and packaged.

 Some minor issues with the vent here, not sure if I can fix with greenstuff or will just make it weathering/battle damage.

 Second APC also had an issue on the vent but looks fixable.

 Very minor bubbles.
 Bubble fixed in pre-ship QC, back bumper a bit off true.

 Minor issue on flat layer of little turret, but I don't much care for these little ones and will be looking for an alternative.

 Assembled, everything but the little turrets fit snugly.  The exit hatch rails were flawless.

 Small quirk here, fixable.

 Hard to see in other photos, but there are two raised hull areas just in front of the turret that break up the outline nicely and add a neat detail to highlight.
Overall I'm extremely pleased with these.  Now how to make these either Arbites or Inquisition rides...  
 Apologies for the terrible lighting.. but here's some 'typical' 40k figures for scale reference, as requested.


  1. Wow those are awesome...
    I sure wish you woulda put a standard-sized 40k fig next to them so I could get an idea of the scale...
    But yeah they're still awesome...

  2. Doesn't look very Tyrannid-esque. And Sisters? Wow. You know how to chose 'em ;)

    They do look good. Is the resin decent quality? Not soft like some types can be? Be sure to post pix when they're painted.

    1. Funny the way a shyte codex will make you look at other things ;) But I've had this idea of an army centered on an inquisitor/retinue with an attached GK element, allied with arbites and sisters as the quintessential non-SM Imperial force that one would find on a 'typical' grimdark world where the IG are corrupt or simply not present. I pick up a couple models every now and then. Waiting on two Dreamforge 15mm Leviathan Crusaders from the Kickstarter which should get here sometime this spring and I'll probably get started on it then.

      Also picked up Bones and that's got my interest piqued for a while to learn airbrushing and work on my painting skills. Plus Mantic's Dreadball and Deadzone... what can I say: GW is practically giftwrapping my money for other companies at this point.

      The resin is very fine quality: it doesn't have a chalk, soap, or even a plastic feel to it at all - sort of like the old Armorcast resin feel, maybe a touch harder.

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