Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parasite of Mortrex WIP part 2; NOVA list #1 and progress

With my registration in for NOVA, I'm buckling down and putting my army together finally.  More pics of the Parasite in progress can be found on my picasa page here - the last 12 pics or so.  Comments definitely welcome as I'm a bit torn on using the warrior rending claws or scytals - but really liking the dual gargoyle wing look as his torso is pretty long.  No real intent to use a flying base, but I probably should as he's a flyer.

It's been a busy week.  Along with getting back in touch with my putty/greenstuff skillz working on the Parasite and a Zoanthrope head to give it a brain look (3rd ed.), in the last few days I've managed to build 16 termagants, 2 hive guard, 2 tyrant guard, 2 lictors, and drill/pin my 3 zoanthrope bodies, partially build my Red Terror, and have been busy mocking up different gun attempts for a Tyrannofex using a Trygon body - the concept is roughly looking like a Mawloc, but with a big cannon from its mouth instead of a tongue.  Settling on a cannon design eludes me so far...  and I do want a Trygon-based tfex, despite the cover issues with Trygons.

Also found this fun bit of Tyranid-looking terrain; the Heroscape Marro Hive - can be found on Ebay for less than 10$ pretty easily.  It should make a nice bit of decoration for my display board; trying to think ahead a bit.

Semi-seriously, this is a list I'm considering for NOVA; it's a slow list, but building it to take objectives and table quarters, and deal with MSU (that's the idea anyways).  Has to be able to deal with foot, mobs, multi-mech, and long fangs.

Tprime1 w/bs, lw, spitter
Tprime2 w/bs, lw, spitter, tox (regen?)

3 broods HGx2
2x Tfex w/rupture, cluster, dessicator
3x biovores

2 broods Tgantx10
2x Tgon w/ag, tox, cat, scytals

4x warriors w/spitter, scytals (accompanied by Prime1)
4x warriors w/double BS, scytals, tox (accompanied by Prime2)

Debating consolidating the HGs into two units of 3, dropping 1-2 biovores, and adding (a) venomthrope(s).  Concerned it reduces the volume of fire too much and I'd need to find a way to add in a venom cannon in warrior squad 1 to help compensate.

At any rate - I'll do my best to represent 'nids.  More library articles soon.


  1. Rough count I make that a 2k list?

    Are your Sword-Warriors a counter-charge unit? What is the plan with the Biovores? They should help take out looters/Fangs, not sure of their value beyond that? Basic Warriors could do with the VC just for the extra firepower.

  2. Yup - 2k. The more I read batreps, the more convinced I am that biovores play a very interesting role for the 'nids. I should just make a blog post on this and have done... =)

    The sword unit is ideally counter-charge; not quite a deathstar but close. Seeing if I can't tweak the gun warriors to have a VC somehow though.

  3. Dropping one Biovore would give the points for a Warrior VC, Regen on the Primes and a few points left. Maybe give Rending to the Prime who goes with the Sword-Warriors?

  4. You're going to NOVA? Good work!

    You know I love how you do funky lists. But I'm still going to give you my two cents to optimize what you've got here:

    - I don't think you want Hive guard in units of 3. If you want to free up the elite slot, just go 2x2.

    - I love that you have biovores in there. I totally believe that they can make a difference, and I've wondered about buying spore mines with extra points just to screw with deployment.

    - Tyranid Warriors are super vulnerable to all of the heavy weapons you're going to encounter... I like Shrikes better but Primes with wings can't go with them. I also wouldn't give them toxin sacs, but that's just me.

    All those points on Primes and Warriors, could you afford a Flyrant with a Gargoyle screen? I think you'd get a lot more utility from that.

    - I think regen's a waste unless it's on a T6, W6 critter.

    Anyways just some food for thought... if you want me to put together a 2k list so you can see what I'd do with it, I'd be happy to do so, just let me know.

  5. The reason the primes go with the warriors is to take advantage of that T5 for wound allocation. Power fists still suck though.

    The list can de-mech at the "competitive" norm with 3 HGs and 2 tfexes, but the biovores change the norm a bit by giving a nasty option against any non-MEQ+ not in a vehicle (de-meched, infiltrators, lootas, long fangs, etc..); the "core" force for objectives/quarters is the 2x T6/W6 MCs casting FNP on 2x 18-wound warrior broods, screened by gaunts.

    I think lack of speed is too pronounced though - it needs an FA option somewhere.