Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hooray - more Ebay strippers!

Wait - that doesn't sound right..

BLUF: My usual modus operandi of buying heavily based or larger lots of figures that no one else really seems to be heavily bidding against pays off again - the result is I will be stripping most of the models back to metal/plastic. It also makes conversions much more attractive and possible as they invariably include bits or models that I wouldn't wan to put on the table. I've been using Goo Gone Painter's Pal at Wal-Mart and had really good results with it.


Warhammer 40k - (Rule Book, Instructions - purchased 2005)
Tyranids Codex - (copy right 2001)
13 assorted paint brushes
Battle Dice from Citadel Gaming
12' Tap Measure
3 Battle Templates
1 Bottle of Blue Paint (not sure if it is still good, has not been used before)
1 - Blue Tub with lid to put Tyranids in.
4 - Foam Home Made Containers
8 - Gargoyles
2 - Carnifexes
1 - Old One Eye Carnifex
6 - Ripper Swarms
8 - Genestealers
6 - Hormagaunts
12 - Termagaunts
3 - Raveners
1 - Hive Tyrant
3 - Zoanthropes
1 - Red Terror

Most are based black - nothing I can't strip off. Plus a Red Terror. I'll need to be putting together some tyrannofexes, tervigons, and harpies, so much of this will be excellent fodder for construction.
Playing around with color schemes for my 'nids - this is what I think I'll try to do for the carapaces.
Will see if I can't dig up a camera to snap a pic of the test schemes for my stealers.

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