Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tyranid Library part 3

Two more excellent resources from comments to the original Library post:

#**LINKS UPDATED 03/01/2012**#

Messanger of Death's great  Imaginary Life blog - love the fluff from old WDs! This is one of his best, taking Gmort's original ranged anti-tank options post and offering direct commentary.
'Nid Ranged Anti-Tank Options

MoD's well-researched and cross-referenced and -linked commentaries are fantastic; his article on the oft-maligned Tyrannofex is a great example: MAWR Tyrannofex

There are quite a few additional 'nid articles worth reading, but those two really stand out. The rest are here: Imaginary Life: Keyword: Tyranids

MoD was also kind enough to point out the Dark Future Games guys, who've done a pile of articles, including several on individual units. The best aspect of these articles is they are written with an eye toward the impact to the synergy of the list that unit will have - whether a core list element or support, and how to consider that unit in the list building process. Here's a short list of the ones I find to be most valuable as I continue learning:

Tyranids Vs New DE, Thoughts and Concerns based on Experience - this is one of the first "new DE" vs Tyranid articles I've seen, and it raises some good points, but it doesn't look like the DE list used is anywhere near the potential competitive lists I've seen.
Tyranid Tactica: The Doom of Malan'Tai - an excellent commentary on how to use (and not to use) Doom. It definitely made me rethink how I would use him.
Tyranid Tactics: Swarmlord - Best points here are the split between creation of an all-shooty list built around the one deathstar, or an all-assault list to overload target priority. I really like that second idea, and can see a couple variants beyond the inevitable 2x tervigon+2x termagant cores that would be very entertaining. Thinking a swarmlord deathstar + parasite/gargoyle core would be a very interesting start to this idea.

The rest are here: http://darkfuturegaming.blogspot.com/search/label/Tyranids including a couple about modeling and resin offerings for 'nids.


  1. Thatnks for the plug and the links. Imperial Life is a great blog and I have gained some good insight from Messanger of Death both there and through his comments.
    I have been reading a lot of Hulk Smash lately in particular, his entries for drop Nids as I like an all reserve options list as well.
    Great blog man!

    Oh and yes, if you have the models, you should try the parasite/gargoyles with swarlord deathstar idea. You can make a pretty ridiculous army with that, just find room for scoring stuff in there too!

  2. Thanks for the hard work putting the info together in the first place!

    I have a tyrant that I intend on building as a swarmlord and a fell beast that I thought about making into a harpy but may reconsider...

    As far as rounding out that list... thinking several broods of stealers and hogaunts, but a 2 terv + 2 gant stack might fit nicely as well. I'll see what I can come up with.

  3. Thanks for the plugs and links. And thank you for the kind words Old School Terminator.

    Exams finish in a few days. Once they do I will go back to doing 2-3 posts a day of other people's hard work.