Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tyranid batrep video losses (1 win!)

Started poking about for video batreps with Tyranids to learn from... managed to find several Tyranid losses. While the idea was to find successful batreps, most of these are eloquent lessons of things not to do, and some rather weak list building. Surprised to see only a single hive guard unit in any of the lists.

BoLS Batrep 14 & 15: Tyranids vs IG: Jwolf and Mkerr faceoff in a desert battle of Tallarn Desert Raiders vs Tyranids
This was a pretty good pair of lists and decent fray - an outrageously impervious demolisher (shaken only 2x vs 28 S10 hits) and a Straken-led force = pain, but the nids gave it a decent go. Not sure if including 2 tfexes and 2 HTs w/HVCs counts as "shooty" though. Interesting to see the choices of termagants as outflankers - but it nearly paid off in late-game objectives.

BoLS Batrep 54: Tyranids vs BA SM (DoW mission) - Aventine's flaming orange Tyranid Hivelfleet Chupacabra faces Darkwynn's Soul Drinkers (Blood Angels)
Terminators are dead hard is all I can say - surviving and then winning against a combined assault by 'stealers, a Trygon, and a Tyrant. Pretty typical multi-trygon, 2 tervigon list. Interesting delayed mid-game use of ymgarls.

BoLS Batrep 51 - Chaos Daemons vs Tyranids: Aventine's Khornate Chaos Daemons versus Lux's Tyranids. Its all assault all the time!
This was just brutal; nids actually won this one. The demon player tried to use disruption placement rather than overloading or deploying far away to try and set up for charges, and paid for it as his units were piecemeal multi-assaulted or shot down pretty handily.

BoLS Batrep 30: Tyranids vs Footdar
This was a weird battle with a pretty scrub 'nid list. I kept asking "why there?" for quite a few movement/placement and assault decisions.

BoLS Batrep 6: Tyranids vs Tau (DoW mission) - Darkwynn's Tau faces off against Bigred's Tyranid horde:
Tau firepower hurts, especially with very poor use of movement and unit positioning for cover purposes. I think this could have gone a bit differently if it wasn't clearly a "fun" match. Funny to watch a stack of rippers try to take down a stack of burgerbots in cc for 3 rounds though.

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