Monday, November 8, 2010

Hulksmash and Competitive Nids - more for the Library

Hulksmash started up a blog back in October (it's here: So what? He's a very, very good player and tournament regular. More importantly for me - he's digging into the topic of Tyranids being competitive at the national level. So when he starts building lists and talking tactics, it's worth the read.

Posts are here:

Best reading is here in his "Can Tyranids Compete" series:
Can Tyranids Compete-part-1
Can Tyranids Compete-part-2
Can Tyranids Compete-part-3
Can Tyranids Compete-part-4

He's also started a dedicated Tyranids tactics thread on Dakka here:

Very interesting approaches to deconstruction and planning; at first glance the lists he's come up with so far look pretty low on AT compared to most of the lists I've seen posted, with Trygons rather than Tyrannofexes.

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