Friday, November 19, 2010

Overloading Target Priority: Saving Swarmy

After this discussion, I started looking into generating a list intended to maximize Swarmy's boost and deathstar functions while overloading opponents' prioritization with must-target assault units, starting with the Parasite and a swarm of gargoyles. Insert horrid pun about the best defense being a swarm of offense..

So far I have what I think is a pretty solid core at 1500 pts to start with. Absent an opportunity to playtest, I'm having trouble ironing out a best option to get it to 2000. Here's the core:

HQ: 570
- Swarmlord
- + 2 Tyrant Guard w/lash
- Parasite of Mortrex

FA: 128
- 16x gargoyles w/AG, TS

Elite: 200
- 2x HG
- 2x HG

Troops: 597
- 10 Termagants
- + Tervigon w/AG, TS, Catalyst; Dominion, Salvo
- 8x stealers w/TS
- + Broodlord (w/TS)
- 9x stealers w/TS


Leaning towards a tyrannofex w/rupture, regen, and a Trygon, plus another gant or two with any extra as the roundout. Rather concerned at the fragility of the troops though. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Crossposted to YTTH's new forums:

    Interesting to see Purgatus also had a swarmlord/gargoyle list put together for playtesting.