Monday, August 1, 2011

Hive Fleet Snowbank emerges!

Slowly...  coming down to the wire for NOVA and still finalizing both list and trying to get paint onto figures.  The builds and basing are pretty much done, spent this weekend getting the display board to the 95% stage and basing/priming everything else. It's gonna be close getting the paint on; thank the Emperor for a painting class I took back at Central Command in San Antonio a few years back on how to use blended acrylics to save time on horde armies.  The guy instructing it would churn out a better than just table-ready 100-model IG army every couple months.  Been practicing it for a while and starting to get moving on my 'nids.  Wish me luck - the clock is definitely ticking.  I'll try to post pics of the finished models as I get there, but in the meantime, I wanted to share the WIP display board.

First stages - just finished painting, adding sand, and gluing down the wood bark rock embankments:

Glued and spackled the Heroscape terrain down =)
And then the nearly finished:

Question though - any thoughts on what I should use to cover the edges?  Thinking some very thin ply board of some sort... hating the gaps and pink foam showing, but don't want to add a ton of weight if I can help it.  Seen the big picture frame route, but that looks like it adds a *lot* of weight.  Spackle alone isn't gonna cut it.  Maybe poster board or foamcore?

The other cool thing I saw this weekend was a dragonfly that I'd love to copy for a hive fleet color scheme - no idea what it's called but it evokes a WWI fighter:

Hope to see some of you at NOVA.  I'll be on the volunteer staff again - and a few kind words of thanks to MVB on that count.  He was kind enough to put up a list thanking the staff from last year here - nice touch and very much appreciated.  Took my dogs a couple weeks to stop barking after last year - sooo much walking bringing the score sheets back and forth, but it was an honor just to be a part of it and to contribute to something truly great.  Can't wait till this year.

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