Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who is bringing Tyranids to NOVA this year??

This video is a win for cheesiest evar (no rickroll, I promise) - Tyranids Rule!

Back to reality...  where Tyranids apparently don't rule.  Here we are, almost a year after this blog started and I decided to focus on the Tyranid metagame, and maybe, just maybe, learning how to build competitive lists and if I'm lucky, to play Tyranids competitively.  GW rained all the hell over that little parade, if you believe the current state of Tyranid meta as represented by the more well-read blogs and forums.  I've lost count of the negative posts and threads and comments and replies everywhere from BoK, 3++, YTTH, Dakka, and even in TheTyranidHive.  Even Synaps3, the blog I would consider hands down to be the best Tyranid blog over the past year, whose has started a GK army (/rolls eyes).  Over the past year I've had hope - but watched it diminish over time.  Hulksmash toyed with nids a bit, Purgatus has a couple lists going but still won't take them to a tournament; Brent gave them a test drive and bailed.  Several of the folks I read voraciously from in the beginning have scaled back their Tyranid play pretty drastically in favor of other armies or away from GW games entirely - AbusePuppy, Kennedy, Lyracian, GMort, Sandwyrm and more.  It would take too long to hyperlink all of the above; if you read this blog, I hope you read most of those I've listed; and if you don't - find them and subscribe.  They've all been an inspiration, a challenge, a tenuous brotherhood, and I deeply value the time they've spent putting even the negative thoughts down to help give Tyranid players a chance - even if its to recommend we not play Tyranids (/grin).

So here we are - on the brink of the biggest, baddest, 2k tourney on the east coast; just over a month away.  256 slots in the NOVA open - who's left?  Who is bringing Tyranids?  Who has big enough biomorphs to think they have a shot at the top tables with Tyranids - despite the braying naysaying??

I'll be there with my 'nids; I'll be content to win more than one game over the two days, given my inexperience and the caliber of players I expect to see.  I hope to do better, but we'll see what the dice gods bring.  Who else will be representing the wretched Tyranid hive of scum and villainy at NOVA this year?


  1. If I lived in your country I'd be there with my Nids, brother. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    It's annoying to see everyone that talked about how they would take Tyranids to tournaments, bail out.

  2. Looking forward to reading how you do at NOVA.