Monday, August 15, 2011

For the rowers keep on rowing...

Yes indeed - the danger of arriving at NOVA with a partially unpainted army looms larger every day.  Getting down to the wire, with only the eyes/teeth, dip, and basing steps to go on most of the candidate models for the big show.  Except for that big stack of 50 gants.  Bleh =) At least the stealers and gargoyle mobs are close; just need to get my Space Hulk brood lord done and I can move to the next layers.  I won't be winning any painting competitions, but I definitely don't want to show up with an unpainted army and get that big fat Zero painting score.

I did manage to finish the display board - so that's one monkey off the back.

Playtesting continues, and narrowing it down to a 1-brood of biovores variant of list 3 and a list that looks an awful lot like Hulk's list here:

Prime w/BS, LW x2
HGx3 x2
10x tox stealers + broodlord w/scytals (10 models)
10x tox stealers + broodlord (10 models)
Tervigon w/AG, TS, Cat, Onslaught
Tervigon w/AG, TS, Cat
10x gants
10x gants
2x Carnifex w/dual TL Devs/Brainleech, Frag spines

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