Monday, April 15, 2013

Teaser: Alternate Tyranid Bits Coming Soon

First - the good news.  Quite by accident I came across a gentleman named Peter who is working on sculpting and molding 'alienoid' body parts, which can be used as alternate bits for Tyranids.  Blame Google, and their cruel, heartless cancellation of Google Reader for this discovery.  Out of frustration I've been spending more time with Google+ or Plus or whatever the hell you're supposed to call it (seriously.. a symbol?) and joined a 40k Community and a Tyranid community just to test things out.  It isn't going to replace Pulse anytime soon as my newsreader of choice - but it does a much better job of presenting relevant content than Twitter from people I'm interested in.  So enough about techstuffs - here's the part that matters:  there simply aren't enough alternate Tyranid bits or models out there, so I was quite excited to see what Peter is sculpting, primarily some alternate Aliens/Giger-esque heads, another head style, and some positively wicked looking alternate "bone" swords.  Here's the video - which would have led the article, but Blogger for some reason refuses to let me embed it (it's probably next on the chopping block!):

I was able to snap out a couple pics in case the video doesn't cooperate:

The "bad" news - he's not ready to sell yet or even picked out prices, packages, etc... I'm sure positive feedback and demand might speed that along!  Peter is considering doing additional heads that will fit other MCs, alternate whips and tails, and is working on some eggs and drop pods.  Coolest part:  he's looking for suggestions on other bits or themes, and can even do custom work.  Here's a video of some of his concept art - the insect style wings are fantastic!

My first suggestion:  with everyone and their brother running dakka flyrants, we're in dire need of some alternate bits we can use for quad devourers.  I'd love to see extra plating that could be used for 'armored shell' tyrants too, and it would be fantastic to have some decent alternate bits for crushing claws!  

At any rate - hit him up on his video page, or comment here (for now) with feedback and suggestions. 


  1. Hey thanks for the blog. Right now I am working on putting together a web page using weebly. It will be at domain (epicstudioz was sadly taken, but this suits me better anyways, another accident.)

    I should be ready at the end of the month to be shipping orders if any one wants to place them.

    Yes I will sculpt custom bits, you name it, and ill sculpt it. Take in mind I am also a father and college student so things may take longer than I desire to push out. But I will take whatever time I can spare to get you your stuff.

    As for the devourers and plates, I am on that first thing this week, also, you will see a video with some sketches, anticipate some nasty alien/insect wings coming up in the next month of two.


    1. Thanks for permission to post this. Looking forward to seeing your page and future pieces!

    2. Ordered some if the chimney stacks this evening - good to see the website up and running.

  2. Heya Ghostin!

    Cool stuffs. If only GW would let third parties release products compatible with their own, 40k would be ever so much more amusing.
    You'd swear they were the only folks on the planet making 28mm models on the friggin' planet.Well, I suppose we should be happy their legal dept. is so eager to send cease and desist letters...I mean, they DID invent the Space Marine, right? Nobody EVER woulda combined those two words....