Saturday, April 6, 2013

Airbrushin' iz 'ard! - Hobby update and Genestealer Cults on the Horizon?

While at the NOVA Open last year I attended an airbrushing seminar given by Mister Justin of Secret Weapon Miniatures, and had lots of opportunities to hang out and chat with the fellow manning the Grex Airbrushes booth.  Needless to say - I caught the airbrush bug, but didn't fully succumb until Mike Brandt painted up his Tyranids for Battle of Salvation in something like 14 days...   I Santa got brought me an airbrush for Christmas, a nice Badger Renegade Krome.

So far, however my experiments have been pretty awful.  I've oversprayed, undersprayed, and everything in-between except gotten it right.  Having a hell of a time figuring out what the 'break' is when it will start spraying.  Lots of comments about "you'll eventually get a feel for it" but so far that hasn't happened.  I just need to paint more I think.  I've watched quite a few videos on YouTube, but very few are useful.  Most have horrible resolution, or are done by those guys who are so talented they are utterly oblivious that a complete beginner has no hope of understanding or copying what they are doing.  The best so far have actually been the ones by MisterJustin, and can be found here:

Over the past couple months I've managed to find some hobby time - I finally touched up most of my gribblies from the dings and nicks they've earned from tournament play and the packing case, started work on the six newest members of my psychic choir: 

I wanted to try something different - "yet another WIP" - the Star Blazers Andromeda:

But the best news of all so far this year has been this - the Vidar's Fate: Praedis Zeta campaign at Warhammer World on June 22-23rd.
Add to this the rumors of Tyranids being the first book of 2014 - playtest rumors of cults being back in, and/or available in the rumored Allies book.  I've always wanted to do a genestealer cult army - love the idea of the big limousines, the hordes of cultists.  To me the genestealer cults are one of the most iconic forces in all of 40k, so I'm really hoping GW doesn't drop this ball.  Now I just need to figure out what to use for limousines...  here's the candidates so far:

The Polar Lights 1/32 Black Beauty of Green Hornet fame, or the newly re-released Rommel's Rod by Monogram.  I'm definitely leaning toward the Rommel's Rod...  

And just for extra motivation: here's a fantastic Cthulhu-based 'stealer cult:
Absolutely love the jalopy tervigons...

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