Monday, September 3, 2012

Hobby: NOVA Open Terrain Quick Look

I'd originally tried to post this on Friday evening as a bit of a celebration of the creativity and effort that went into building the terrain at NOVA this year:  I know I was certainly inspired to see it - in fact nearly all of my purchases at the vendors this year were for bits I could use to build terrain much like these pieces.  However, neither my smartstupidphone or Picasa cooperated, and Stelek has since posted many of these here as well, but mostly to complain about how the terrain wasn't fair for both sides.  I could go on for hours about that comment and the thought processes behind it, but it's a waste of my time.  This post isn't about defending the terrain:  it's for those of you who've always wanted to build your own terrain, feast your eyes, your brains, and your creativity.  These shots are the terrain pieces that I found most interesting, well done, or creative, and most of all - inspiring.  Massive kudos to the team, and the NOVA Minister of Terrain.  The last few shots are of battles over the monuments in the narrative - so very rewarding to see people having an absolutely great time, and knowing all that hard work paid off.


  1. Ghostin, can you talk a little bit more about exactly what types of tools and supplies you purchased for the terrain building? More details would be great.

  2. My terrain journey was a bit different from the rest of the team's: I only built the Jefferson - these are the results of the efforts and the very nice foam-cutters covered in this post on Whiskey & 40K:

    Here's an idea of the tools and supplies I bought: a cheap Black and Decker JS660 jigsaw and blades of varying fineness to be able to cut everything from MDF to masonite, Eversand sanding pad, sandpaper of varying grit, nail files/nail boards, metal ruler, drafting square, foam brushes (cheap 79c ones from any craft store), plastic painting knives for spackle sculpting (, a couple gallons of latex paint (took probably 20 trips to Home Depot/Lowe's before finding colors I could use in the discard/$7 a gallon pile), at least a dozen different kinds of glue: best find was the many types of Aleene's Tacky Glue, several different razor/cutters, mitre box and saw (,6751.html), heavy scissors, glue gun pad, about 6 different types of spray acrylic that still ate foam unless I triple-Gesso'd or used Aleene's on it, and sometimes still ate through the Gesso. 3/4" and 1 1/2" foam insulation (pink), 1/4" MDF, 1/4" foamboard, 7/16" dowels, I forget the washer size on the columns, floral foam half-sphere, DAP spackle. Cheap large paint brushes, gallon jug of Simple Green to keep the brushes clean.

    Maybe worth a post of its own at some point ;)