Friday, August 31, 2012

6e Thru the Lens of a NOVA Judge, Day 2

Well, blogging from the smartphone is about as fun as smashing my thumbs with a hammer, repeatedly so this will be mercifully brief. The bottom line is we are seeing far less drama than at least I expected from the new rules. My gut feeling says the games seem to be playing a little quicker than 5th even with premeasuring and the changes to assault. Maybe a factor of matchups rather than the new rules though. We have a pretty wide range of skill and experience. I was really hoping to see more Tyranids, but there are I think only three, and two are young guys without much experience - one had never had to roll for the game to end or continue on turn 5. What we are seeing is a return of the xenos - with a vengeance. A quarter or more of the armies are Necrons. Roughly 10 Tau players, maybe more. At least that many demon players, and quite a few chaos. Orks and nob bikers are all over. So is Eldrad, but only a handful of Eldar players. Necrons may outnumber GK. Who is doing well? Hard to be sure with only a couple games in, and that wide range of skill and the high number of mirror matches, but the 5 or more flyer Necron/wraithwall lists seem to be a pretty tough matchup for some. Lash can do some rough thigs to the low model count lists, and there are quite a few of those. At any rate, these are just first impressions. Not much useful detail, and probably off by a good margin once we get the actual numbers. In the meantime, this phone blogging business is for the birds. Anyone know a good blogger compatible app for Android?

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    Looking forward to a writeup when you return!