Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Caught in the Middle

Talk about being flattered, and then deflated in pretty much one go: http://bestoverall.blogspot.com/2011/03/tyranids-sinsynns-riposte-reposted.html

On the one hand, I'm very happy that a few people (or at least SinSynn) are finding value in the collected posts and commentary here; that was and is a major goal - to find, analyze, question, and examine the best posts I can find on Tyranid play in order to be a better player.  Where possible, I want to stimulate discussion, challenge long held assumptions, and find the patterns of usage, tactics, and strategy that go into a competitive Tyranid lists and play.  Of late, and mostly thanks to SinSynn, I'll call that one mission accomplished for the moment.  The recent Tyranid discussions on Best Overall (from SinSynn's riposte going back to the discussion on Dessicator Larvae) and Hulksmash's Homeplace are excellent, with great back and forth in the comments sections, and GMort's nifty Swarmlord list and tactics as well.  

I do want make one thing clear though - getting to the "deflated" part; Purgatus' comment about not reading much on this blog is pretty much spot on.  I don't have the play pedigree that Purg does - this is a blog about discovery, and not the viewpoint of a tourney vet.  I think I can hold my own when it comes to analysis, synthesis, and finding patterns and intriguing tactics or methodologies, but those often boil down to theoryhammer.  It doesn't mean I don't mathhammer things out (which I would guess is a perception that Purg may have of me due to my comments about dicing things out re: dessicator larvae); I do - but I also do real dice testing similar to that done by Lyracian here.  (By the way - this is an article about genestealers vs. twolves - read and heed you genestealer lovers; it's great).  What I'm getting at is my maunderings probably shouldn't be taken as gospel in a head-to-head against a tourney vet; but by all means - discuss, question, flame, what-have-you away - we're all better for it in the end.

Thanks SinSynn - Purgatus - Hulksmash - Lyracian - MVB - TheGraveMind - GMort - Hyv3mynd - NardyPoontango - ThatGuyOverThere - Kennedy - Kirby and all the rest for the excellent discussion and posts of late.  Quite the exciting time to be a Tyranid player.


  1. Thanks for the plug. I did do some Math-hammer on the T-wolves for part one, but it was way too close to give an answer on who wins. The Broodlords effects surprised me as I do not often use them.

  2. Ah, don't let Purgatus get you down, Ghostin.
    You provide something special to the Tyranid community.
    Wait, is there enough of us that actually play Tyranids seriously to call us a 'community'? Lol.

    There's a bare handful of Tyranid blogs dispensing good advice. Each one of them, including yours, would definitely help Purgatus with his foray into playing 'Nids.
    But, like many veteran players who pick up a new army, he's chosen to 'do his own thing.'

    I think this is a mistake with the Tyranids.
    They -do not- play or 'list-build' like armies with the troop/transport design theme.
    Purgatus is primarily a Marine player, and is approaching the Tyranids with that mindset.

    Dual Tyrants? With VC's, Sword and Whip?
    That's like a Dreadnaugh with a Lascannon and Fist- dual purpouse, expensive units are a bad idea in ANY ARMY. He knows this, but doesn't 'see it' when it comes to 'Nids.

    Frag Spines on Carnifexes? Yeah, he recommended them to Hulksmash...on Hulksmash's blog.
    I'm sure Hulk chuckled, but he explained why they don't really help in a patient matter.

    I'm sure Purgy is an excellent Space Marine player.
    I think he's being a little stubborn with his Tyranid list ideas, but hey- he's a big boy.

    I'll be looking foward to seeing what happens when he runs that Dual Tyrant list. Heh.

    I'm sure I'm not the only Tyranid player who finds Mid-Life Gaming Crisis a valuable resource, Ghostin. Keep up the good work please.

    Lyracian's post has me thinking about the Broodlord again.
    I've already got a whole bunch of Space Hulk stealers in the painting lineup now.

    Hope to see you around, Ghostin. Like on the YtTH forums, f'rinstance ;)
    Thanx again for the work you put in, brother. It IS appreciated.

  3. Ghostin: Don't let anyone, including me, shut you down by speaking as a "voice of authority." That's simply a form of bias and it's nonsense.

    I might disagree with certain things, but you should always take that disagreement as what it is - differing opinions from a colleague, not some sort of authority figure shutting you down. If you took it that way, I'm sorry, because that's against everything I believe in.

    I'm a pretty decent player, but I'm not "the best" and I'm not sure of my status as a
    "tournament vet", either. I've only got ONE GT under my belt, though I've gone to my share of RTTs...

    Anyways. My blog and my entire approach is based upon self improvement, and that includes allowing people to challenge your ideas. So even if I don't agree with you, I do LISTEN to you, and store it all away for future reference.

    Sin - Don't think I'm not listening to everything you're saying man. I am. I listen to EVERYONE who has anything to say about Nids.

    I think you're missing something if you think that I'm "just now" starting to think about Raveners, Genestealers and Shrikes. I was posting lists with Shrikes and Raveners and Genestealers in the YTTH forums almost a year ago man.

    The list that I'm currently playing around with on my blog is based upon the models I have, in an effort to familiarize myself with their strengths and weaknesses. Like I said. In the original post.

    It's not intended to be a "Best Of" Tyranids list. You need to get that through your head bro, I'm not preaching, I'm still learning.

  4. Oh, and Ghostin, my comment was simply that I don't read midlife as much as the other places, not that your blog isn't worth reading or your thoughts are sub-par.

    I actually quite enjoyed your "Dusty Books" post when you put it up.

  5. your a bad man, Purgy.
    A bad, bad man.

  6. I still think the Tyrants have merit though. More in my post on my blog.

  7. I find a Mid-Life Gaming Crisis a valuable resource, and I think my readers have doubled since you started linking me!

    I also like playing Dual Tyrant lists (not with HVC though).

  8. @Purgatus, SinSynn - thanks for the very kind words; I just wanted to make sure folks are well aware of what my opinions consist of, how I do what I do, and why. Discussion and argument is always healthy so long as it isn't personal. I love a good debate. I didn't take your comments personally: looking at the idea of someday speaking as a tourney vet as a goal to achieve =)

    @Lyracian - you do good work; cream rises to the top.

  9. -This is Thatguyoverthere btw

    Hey Ghostin, I'm definitely adding this to my favorites! I didn't even know you were here man.

    I haven't read any of your stuff yet, but I will tonight.

    Sometimes, people overstep their bounds when critiquing someone. Sometimes, people over react to criticism. However, in a community trying to brainstorm ideas and create something from nothing, we need criticism. As long as it's fair and doesn't attack the person we all benefit from the discussion.

    For instance, ;)

    @SinSynn. Why no frag spines on the carnifexes? It works out to be 175 points for adrenal glands and frag spines. On the charge, that makes him intiative 4 even when assaulting through cover! I'd almost say you should always take frag spines on him... That way he strikes simultaneously with marines in area terrain or at least before their powerfists!