Sunday, January 29, 2012

Xenos and Chaos on top at Throne of Skulls?

Stats borrowed from Claws and Fists' excellent post and recap here:

Oh the fun you can have with metrics.  From an average score standpoint: Xenos own 4 of the top 5 slots.  Xenos and Chaos own 7 of the top 10.  But soft scores count: "you also get points based on how many of your opponents nominated you as their favourite opponent of the weekend" - with that taken into account, it's possible to infer that Xenos and Chaos players are more fun to play against.  SinSynn should have a field day with this one.  I'll give the Imperial sc.. uhm.. players a break and make the disclaimer that this was only one tournament, and won't try to make a grand claim that it's a result of finally getting to play against a more diverse field, instead of the usual higher volume of Imperials.  An opportunity for a higher number of people to play armies they enjoy playing, vs. those they play simply to win with.  For ToS, 73 of 128 players were Imperial, just shy of 60% so not a huge disparity.  One could argue that this is 'working as intended' going back to Jervis' WD article about the format encouraging diversity by scoring by codex rather than straight up ranking.  Probably the most interesting metric of all?  Zero Sisters of Battle.  How's that White Dwarf codex plan working GW?


  1. Dark Eldar won, imo, by being the only undefeated army. Sounds like it was business as usual behind the veil of soft scores.

  2. Well, Sorrowshard from Rant in E Minor did really well at this event, and that alone makes me pretty happy.

    Man, does 40k really need some decent bad guys right about now!
    This 'marine on marine' action is getting a lil' stale, huh?

    I'm not a 'soft score' kinda guy, and I sorta think ToS was kinda silly, but hey- anything that gives my beloved Xenos a bump is a good thing.

    Sad about the Sisters of Battle, though...
    Sheesh, the White Dwarf Codex probaly wasn't a good idea. Even the Blood Angels withered away for many years as a result!

  3. Nice to see the 'nids up there near the top. Meh, call me biased. ;)