Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to my underground lair!

It's only taken two years..  but finally managed to get the office uh game room err underground lair built, replete with space and a desk to paint at.  Quite happy to be next to the computer while I paint so I can actually listen to podcasts and put up pictures to work from without printing them off, or do quick lookups on different techniques or models.  Also made room to put up and keep up a 72x48 table for gaming (hooray!).  The table is just a run-of-the-mill folding table with 3x 24x48 MDF boards, heavy enough not to shift with a little bump, but light enough to be relatively portable/stowable.  If only I didn't have other things to do today - surrounded by gaming goodness, and in a place where magic can definitely happen, I don't want to leave.  Things to paint, saw apart, bend, sculpt, and the room fairly begs to smell of cyanocrylate!  At any rate - just wanted to make a quick celebratory post.  What do you have in your underground lair?


  1. Unfortunately my gaming goodness is scattered all over the house. The dungeon (aka basement with low ceiling) is where I do most of my larger scale things including most of the terrain building. The gaming itself is done on the dining room table on the main floor. Finally the painting and detailed terrain work is done in my office on the second floor. Luckily I have a similar setup in the office where I can use the computer for multimedia stuff and then paint on the desk right next to that one.

    Im digging your lair though!!!

  2. Awesome lair....
    Needs a Megan Fox poster, though.

    Thankfully, I live in a small apartment in NYC, so I get a hobby...desk.
    It's also my computer desk, and my Xbox desk, and my...desk.

    Storage is definitely a problem, but I've got lots of stackable drawer thingies.

    When the Crazy Lady I Live With goes on a cleaning tangent, things can get a little tense.

    If that were my lair...Megan Fox poster, vault-like door with a huge, spinning wheel lock system like in the movies!

  3. Thanks for the kind words.. no Megan Fox but I do have more posters I want to put up. =p

  4. Hey, you'd better send a link of this post to 'Dick Move' or 'Strictly Average,' since it seems a 'man cave' competition is growing, and we need someone reppin' the Xenos in there!