Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Codex Pictures Blog Trolling?

Ah the wonders of the intarwebz and Gewgle. So I noted this comment on my blog this morning and thought "cool" someone might have read my maunderings. But something didn't click. Grammar and syntax, eerily positive, self-deprecation, and an advertising link. Here's the post in all its glory:

I have just finished watching the Ultramarines movie on DVD, and yes the graphics are not Avatar but once you get swept up in the plot, and immersed in the world, it is all really good.
I agree it is a solid film where it counts, in the atmosphere, and an encouraging start for a small independent company.
It is a VAST universe and let hope there are some more epic films to follow!!
I liked some of the lines from the film, and thought they would make comically awesome ring tones…
Then I found out today you can download them here!

Rather aware of the idea that blogs are a very rich source of market segment research and influence, I thought it might be possible some of the Codex folks or the publishers or whoever might read reviews. I didn't really think they would stoop to being lame enough to troll boards and blogs where people had posted about the Ultramarines movie. So I looked around a bit, and found the nearly identical post in a few other places:

**EDIT** Found a couple more, and now they're using bit.ly or whatever URL shorteners:

A couple are by someone who goes by "King Felix" and the one on my blog by this lovely lady. Who has her own blog, which really has zip to do with 40k. Or Warhammer. She even uses contractions in her writing. I wonder if she knows her account was used to post here? **EDIT** It looks like she's now made her blog private... hmm **EDIT**

Granted, four posts don't make a huge "trolling" campaign. Those are all I can find with only a few hours of Google webcrawling to back up the research. I would bet there are more out there.

I don't mind adding to the publicity - no such thing as bad publicity after all. Maybe it will work and those of us who haven't already purchased it will be swayed, just to see if it is indeed comically bad. That would be British self-deprecation at its best, in the finest tradition of Monty Python and a thousand other snarky UK classics.

What are your thoughts - cheap shot or smart marketing? How will it play to this audience??


  1. I agree that there's not enough evidence yet to say if this is a marketing campaign or not, but if it is it's the worst idea ever. GW's age demographic hates being marketed to, especially when there is a touch of underhandedness to it. We're a pretty cynical lot, I don't think this will play well.

  2. Found another one:


  3. Wow, well spotted that man.

    Shame the marketing is as polished as the film.