Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sisters and Arbites, a natural fit

Been jonesing to put together an army with SoB and Arbites since both model sets first came out. A while back I purchased a bunch of SoB models from a guy who decided he wasn't going to ever paint them (after basing them in lavender...) The models are in various states of painting; painted, half-painted, drybrushed (= based + drybrushed to pick out detail for initial layering), based, or nekkid. My main goal is to paint a coherent force I can display; as I hardly ever play, but just in case I'd still like something playable that fits w/in the theme of a SoB + Arbites force, maybe with an Inquisitor warband.

What I've got so far:
Celestine (nekkid)
Canoness (nekkid)
3x sister superiors (based)
14 battle sisters with bolters (painted)
1 sister w/heavy bolter (half-painted)
2 sisters w/heavy flamers (based)
3 sisters w/flamers (based)
1 sister with a meltagun (in dry-brush)
4 seraphim (1 w/hand flamers) (based/dry brushed)
1 seraphim superior (w/a chain axe... /sigh - I didn't do the swap and don't really like it; painted)
2 rhinos with parts for exorcist (scratch built) or immolators (either 2x hvy flamer or 1 hvy flamer + 1 multimelta) (based - in lavender...)
3 exorcists - 2 organ types, 1 FW (based in black)

On the Arbites side I have:
1 Arbites Captain (guy with the eagle on his hat - based)
2 Arbites w/shotguns (1 painted, 1 drybrushed)
2 Arbites with bolters (based)
1 Arbite w/grenade launcher (based)

Also have the "Solomon Kane" WH Inquis Lord set:
1 Witch Hunter Inquisitor (half-painted)
1 Crusader (nekkid)
1 Sister Hospitaler
1 Lexmechanic
1 Acolyte
1 Penitent
1 Cherubim

Also have:
1 Techpriest Enginseer
the White Dwarf subscription miniature with the servo arm

I'd like to get a couple of the Necromunda Enforcers Patrol Team sets to fill out my Arbites, but can never get a solid answer on what the box contains. Is it variable?? I prefer the old minis to the newer ones ( Debating on getting a box of stormtroopers and snipping off the power cables and muzzles of their hotshots for shotguns, and just try to paint them as Arbites.

I have quite a few bits and other parts to go some different directions, but that sorta defeats the purpose. I also have the OOP two first Inquisitor Lords in Terminator armor, pretty sure I have a Vindicare somewhere too.

Any recommendations on what I would need to put together a respectable force based on the nucleus above?

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